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Сочинение про друзей на английском с переводом

I have a friend. His name is Kostya. Kostya medium height and slim build. His hair is a bright reddish, dense and stick to the domes.

He has brown eyes. He is very cheerful. With six years engaged in boxing Kostya. His arms and legs of my friend always covered in bruises and scratches.

As he explains, the consequences of the struggle for justice. In our yard boys do not touch it, but with all the others ride up. In addition Kostya interested in motorcycles and music (and different - from classical to rock). And he and I love to play computer games.

The character Bones calm. Kostya my best friend, because he will never betray and will not leave me in the lurch. One evening I returned from my grandmother, and in the gateway to the gang met Sasha. They took my grandmother's goodies.

I rushed to Sasha, forgetting about fear. I have come to the aid of the bone. Bullies had to give me back my grandmother's goodies and apologize. Thank you friend. I hope that our friendship will be long and strong.

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