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Сочинение по английскому на тему”как сделать мир лучше”на английском)))

How make a better world. To make the world a better place to start with something simple. Such as throwing garbage into a trash can or translate grandmother across the street. First of all you need to become better, kinder and more peaceful. If every person in the world will change for the better, then the ratio of the world will change.

If everyone removes near his porch, the whole world will be cleaner. Как сделать мир лучше. Чтобы сделать мир лучше нужно начать с чего-нибудь простого.

Например бросать мусор в мусорное ведро или перевести бабушку через дорогу. Прежде всего нужно стать лучше, добрее и миролюбивие. Если каждый человек на земле изменится в хорошую сторону, тогда и отношение к миру изменится.

Если каждый человек уберёт возле своего крыльца, то весь мир станет чище. How to make the world better? Probably a lot of people dream to make the world as well as in all good fairy tale, where good triumphs over evil, and that is always a happy ending. Many people want all people to be cheerful and happy, and that there were no quarrels.It seems to be impossible. But the impossible does not exist!

First, we must all, all people on the planet very much want it. After all, when people have a common goal, they combine to become more friendly, begin to act and, as a rule, they all succeed. Previously, the peasants rebelled, and in our time held rallies. Second, people need to be respectful to each other, especially the veterans of war and labor.

At the meeting, greet, a good laugh and smile. And for that they need more often to watch comedy, talk and listen to jokes and funny stories, the case of this man, or his friend. When a person smiles, the surrounding people think that a smile is just him and the people cheered up, and they also want to smile. When meeting friends should ask each other how his interlocutor, or how things are going, etc.Third, if a person asks for help - financially or morally, he should definitely help and support him.The world is moving into the hands of the younger generation, so you need to make sure that they become good. And animals that contribute to the well!

If everyone would make something of their own that will help the world become a better and take away something that makes the world a worse place, you get a big, good world!

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