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Написать сочинение на тему – where to live :in country or in the city? с примерами почему да и почему нет!!

The city is the place where all industrial cultural and educational centers are situated. In big cities you can find museums, theaters, clubs, cinemas, big shops and hospitals, comfortable modern flats. People try to live in cities because all necessary objects are situated nearby. For example if you get ill a hospital or a chemist’s shop will be situated near your home in the city, and if you live in the country it will be hard to find any medical help very quickly. Besides in big cities you can find all sorts of entertainment such as cinemas, clubs, parks and so on. Many people like to spend their free time there because it helps them to relax and brings them a lot of pleasure. It is really convenient that everything you need in your everyday life is situated near you. One of the most important comforts of big cities is that you can get everywhere you like very fast either by underground or by bus or trolley bus. In big cities there is electricity therefore you can use electrical devices such as TV sets, computers, radio, microwave ovens, refrigerators and so on. One more thing, without which it would be impossible to live today, is the telephone and where there is a telephone there is also Internet. The connection is very important for people and we’ve got used to it so without telephone we feel uncomfortable and lonely.

Yes, it is really comfortable, and at first glance everything is good but nowadays in big cities there is a great amount of cars and factories. Big cities suffer from overpopulation, dirty air and water, the streets are noisy and after hard working day people cannot relax. People try to do everything to go to the countryside because only there they can find quietness. Every holiday and every weekend people try to leave their houses and go to the country. The ecological conditions in towns are very bad because there are a lot of industrial objects there.

As for me I prefer to live in a big city, but I also like to spend my holidays in the country because after living in the city for about 9 months I start getting tired.

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