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Summer is the best period for holidays, so many people schedule their holidays for this time of the year. Schools are also closed during summer months till September. Many schoolchildren say that it’s their favourite season of the year. I also enjoy summer holidays. We usually go to the Black Sea coast. My parents choose the city, book the hotel, buy the tickets and off we go. Sometimes we choose to go to Sochi, sometimes to Crimea. It doesn’t matter which city we visit, because sea and sun are the same everywhere and I like swimming and sunbathing very much.

There are many picturesque cities and places to visit. Last year we went to Crimea. It wasn’t only a swimming and relaxing holiday. We also went on many excursions, even climbed the mountains. I can say that Crimea is one of the most fascinating places I’ve ever been to. It offers great opportunities for tourists. The climate is mild, the scenery is nice and there are many interesting historic monuments.

The sea was also great. We really enjoyed our stay in Crimea. There is a good chance that we’ll visit it again this year. Another perfect idea for summer holidays is going to countryside, away from the city noise. My grandparents live there and they are always happy to see us.

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