Нужно сочинение на английском с описанием ресторана или кафе

Cafe "Cream" 60 seats located at the address: Str. Boris Galushkina, 10, despite the fact that in this area there are places to stay (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.), this cafe is in demand from the population and has its regular customers. "Cream" is a limited liability company ("Alfa Trade"). Ltd. is a kind of unification of capital, which does not require the personal participation of its members in their community. The characteristic features of this commercial organization is a division of its share capital into shares of participants and the lack of responsibility for the debts of the past society. The company's assets, including the share capital owned by the right of ownership to himself as a legal entity and does not form the object of common ownership of participants. The mission of the organization determines the place, role and position in society, its social status. Sometimes this term is replaced by the expression that "the motto of the organization.

" The mission of the organization - it is expressed in words, the basic social value, the functionality of the organization in the long run. Typically, the organization in the development of its mission emphasizes the social nature of their mission to society. Mission Cafe "Cream" - is meeting the needs of modern man in the food and rest, a good time ...

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