Как я провел лето сочинение на английском с переводом

I think the summer - the best time of year, because the heat around very nicely and we have a wonderful opportunity to relax . Summer - the time of holidays and vacations. We can go anywhere, to spend time by the river or a lake on fresh green grass , swim in the warm water , or climb mountains, or play games , ride a bike , etc. I'll tell you the most memorable moment of the past summer vacation. In July, the whole family went to the woods to the barbecue . Made a fire , cooked meat for frying and put up a tent . While the parents were engaged in preparing dinner, I went to the woods to work up an appetite How beautiful was the forest that day ... The air smelled of flowers , honey and strawberries. Everything was green, but the trees stood out brightly against a dark green background.

Birds chirp in the language, the woodpecker tapping . And then I heard suspicious noises ... as if someone whispered to me. I looked around and saw ... a snake !

I held my breath . I do not remember what she looks like , because much frightened and began to retreat slowly , and then rushed as fast as possible to our camp . I did not talk about what happened to my mother that she was not worried . Soon after dinner and have some fun , we packed up and went home. Sigh ...

How quickly time flies . I wish I could recreate those moments , those feelings that you experienced during the holidays. But it remains to believe that next summer will be the same , unforgettable !

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