Сочинение на тему Мой идеальный друг на английском языке

" Friendship is the soul's heaven" .(дружба-рай для души) A. Alcott. Friends are very important in our life. Everybody needs friends, because they can support you, to give pieces of advice or just listen to you. I like the quotation that a friend is one who believes in you when you have ceased to believe in yourself. In my opinion an ideal friend shoul be reliable, helpful, sociable, cheerful (можно дополнить). My best friend is ...We have many interests in common.

We are interested in music. For example we prefer (например pop music). Also we are really into watching films.

Our favourite film is (название фильма). Maybe (имя друга) has disadvantages but I understand that people aren't perfect and (имя друга) an ideal friend for me.

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