Сочинение на тему «как я провел лето». Желательно с поездкой на море и то что я там делала. предложений 10 будет достаточно, заранее спасибо!

это сочинение я уже кому - то писала здесь возьми его за основу. Измени страну хотя бы. А то вдруг вы все в одном классе учитесь:) Last summer I went to Argentina and stayed there for a week. I went swimming and cycling every day. The weather was wonderful all the time, the water was warm. I made a lot of friends and we played volleyball at the beach.

Every morning I had nice breakfast and small run along the coast. I felt freedom and I could do whatever I liked. There is nothing better than freedom. We played games at the evenings and some times we had a party. My days were full of different events and coming back home I was exhausted but slept with a smile on my face. I had a wonderful time, and unforgettable experience.

Next year I will certainly go to the sea again.

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