Сочинение на английском что такое дача что там делают, что там есть (желательно с переводом на русский)

Village - it's famous and cheap place to visit. All people usually come to village in the early summer to plant vegetables and flowers or relax. I Have got village it's my favorite place to visit with my friend. In the spring we go there by bike and fry the kebabs. We always borrow twister or playing cards with us to have some fun. In the evening we make a bonfire and sit around it. My village is huge and beautiful with house and bathhouse. It has got 5 beds and kitchen.

But we can live there only in summer, main problem is - no heating. I love to kill the time here because here you can hear the birds songs and see nature in all it's glory. That is all what i can say about my favourite place:)Надеюсь русский переод не нужен?

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