Написать сочинение мой любимый певец (певци зарубежные)

Cher is the best!Cher, the Queen She is an icon, has a great voice, she has beautiful eyes and face, a fashion legend, television actress and a great movie star! She is a good human being and resilient like most Armenians!!! Great gal!!! I hope she lives a very long life!!! She is the best star I ever love. She has all the qualities of all the queens ever existed.

She is a gift to me and my people. May you live longer? I am a woman that has been in love withCherall my life. I can't explain it. She rocked my life from the beginning.

I've dreamed of meeting her, even if only for a minute. It's a silly thought though - cause what could I possibly say that wouldn't sound contrived? Just wanted the world to know how I feel. She's the most beautiful woman in the whole entire universe ever!!!

Her songs always make me feel better when I'm depressed!! I'm in love withCher me best friend we share so many good times late night's school days talking about Cher and listening to her music me and Rochelle love her so much she is one person the brings us close together our five song is you can path by Cher and sonny we love… Cherfor me is my favorite singer because she has a meaning for every song she sings and I love that about her. Just read the reviews and the short bio above and I'm in total awe--love it all. EvenCher. I have all her albums, movies, and pictures-I'm a true Cher Diva fan. Keep them comingCher. I doubt Cher would remember that we talked once at McDonalds inLvovat Ukrainian school &Central street.

The brief conversation left me with the impression she would succeed, I told her Sonny wouldn’t treat her right – I was right. It's been to long without you. Get yourself on a weekly to show, or make an album. I want my kids to know & see the superstar you are.

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